Bronn Media Corp.


Brand Implementation & creative production
The next step is to come up with correct positioning for the brand based upon Strength/Weakness analysis and other relevant info. Based on the brand positioning we develop a brand platform, which defines all major brand attributes going forward. After that the process of implementation of the brand platform starts. This includes things like: logo, brand book, key visuals, slogan (punch line), POP, print materials, videos and other means of communication. The main goal here is to provide a clear consistency of all communicative elements. Full cycle media-production.

Media plan and evaluation
How to make my brand recognizable in the market? Marketing Mix. Digital Strategy. Viral marketing. Video-blogging/key person. What channels of communication with customers use my competitors? Radio, TV, Internet, print, outdoor, exhibition, road-show, sponsorship.

Sales channels and distribution
How can I build a distribution network for my product? More than 25 years we are working with - Big chain: Walmart, Costco, CVS, Loblaws, LCBO, *Retail/Network store. *Hospitality/Hotel, School, Hospital, Transport. *сo-production/material supplier. 

  Service in Canada&USA
  A rigorous, well-designed market research plan can help you make        better business decisions. Not only can it help you to determine            whether there's viable market for your products, it will also help you      hone and tweak your products to fill gaps in your knowledge -                especially under the constrains of a tight budget - it has potential to      dramatically improve decision making. And that can mean the               difference between success and failure.  
  Marketing Strategy Analyze
  The first step of successful brand building is obtaining all relevant          information on market segment including (but not limited to):               competitive landscape, competitive marketing activity, target audience    and consumer behavior (motivation, needs, etc.). Express audit the       Marketing Strategy and SWOT analyze.
 - Learn about new markets before jumping into them
 - Understand your target market before you modify products/services
 - Identify optimal sales and distribution channels to increase efficiency

 The second step is obtaining all the necessary certifications and           permits for the sale of products in Canada and the United States.         What  permissions are needed to sell innovation products in Canada     and the US? Food (2-6 months) *FDA/CDA/CFIA. *Food   Inspection/custom. *Verification product/custom Medicine. (2-3 years)   *FDA/CDA. *Clinical Study.