Bronn Media Corp.

 Re-branding for USA&Canada market
The first step of successful brand building is obtaining all relevant information   on particular market segment including (but not limited to): competitive   landscape, competitive marketing activity, target   audience and consumer           behavior (motivation, needs, etc.).   Express audit the Marketing Strategy.​​​

 Brand Implementation
 The next step is to come up with correct positioning for the brand   based upon   Strength/Weakness analysis and other relevant info. Based on the brand   positioning we develop a brand platform,   which   defines all major brand   attributes going forward. This includes   things like: logo, brand book,   key   visuals, slogan (punch line), POP, print materials, videos and other means of   communication.   The   main goal here is to provide a clear consistency of all     communicative elements. 

 Media production
  Brand book, video production, 2D, 3D animation more than 20 languages.