What permissions are needed to sell innovation products in Canada and the US? 

Food (2-6 months) *FDA/CDA/CFIA.*Food Inspection/custom. *Verification product/custom  

Medicine (2-3 years) *FDA/CDA. *Clinical Study.
Case: Molecular Bio Life

Is there a potential market for my product? 
Marketing data – competitors, price, brand proposition. 
Case Arctic Bay (Competitive analysis)

Brand Implementation 
How to make my brand recognizable in the market?
Digital Strategy. Viral marketing. Video-blogging/key person.

Case: Sounds of Canada (TV Series)

What channels of communication with customers use my competitors?
Marketing Mix., Radio, TV, Internet, print, outdoor, exhibition, road-show, sponsorship.
Case: ECG Ltd. (more than 100 TV channels)

Distribution (off and on line)

How can I build a distribution for my product ?
*Retail/Network store. *Hospitality/Hotel, School, Hospital, Transport. *Co-production/material supplier.
Case: Acer (Lanck Ltd.)

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